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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Website Design Tips for Beginners

New in web designing field don't know from where to start and how to start? Internet is full of tuts covering the Website design tips, but in many tuts they forget to touch the basics of website designing for the totally beginners.

1)Inspiration from Website Design Galleries = There are many galleries for collection of websites, take the inspiration from them.Inspiration is not always stealing the design.you can learn lot from the galleries, you can learn the latest design, color Guide, how designers playing with their creativity, typography and many more.

2)Colors in Website Design = Colors have psychology impact on the user mind and also color represent your brand.So, you should have the sound knowledge of the color theory, which color represents what mood.Color theory knowledge is must to have for every designer and recognize the perfect color pallet is first most task in the website design project.

3) Typography in Website Design = Many times designer thinks that using lots of fonts together will stand out their design, but this is not true.You have to very intelligently use the fonts on your website design for that you should have the knowledge of typography Guide.

4) Research on website Design Project = Many designers lack in their skills because they don't do any research on the client and the project.Before starting any project always spend a quality time on researching about the client, its market, users etc and also research on the project that will help you a lot to clearly understand the requirements.

5) Free Resources for Website Design = There are many websites that provide free resources for the designing.you can use the elements to improve or learn the designing.This is a good habit to make a repository of the free and usable graphics for future references too.

If you have any new thing to add please do that.


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